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Materium has developed a porous hollow silica microsphere that can be used for different applications with high economic and ecological impact. The microsphere has four major attributes that make it attractive for select applications.

  1. The surface chemistry can be modified (functionalized). This surface functionalization allows the microsphere to interact with different types of molecules.
    1. Coating with graphene to increase surface area and thermal & electrical conductivity
    2. Polar and non-polar group can be grafted
    3. Coating with metallic species
  2. Our silica microsphere is porous (“mesoporous”). The porosity allows the content of the sphere to be exchanged with its environment. It can be used for extended release of ingredients. The pores are also a perfect support for bacteria/ enzyme immobilization.
  3. Our silica microsphere has a high specific surface area which makes it well suited for adsorption / purification applications.
  4. Our silica microsphere is hollow with a very low density (10X lighter than water). Therefore it can be used as an additive to reduce material density. It can also be used to encapsulate products, ingredients or formula.

Our Technology Platform Includes:

Amorphous Silica

Their high specific area and custom functionalization make them excellent adsorbents for different chemical and biological pollutants present in water and air (filtration/purifications applications). Our hollow silica microspheres offer a media support for microorganism growth in the form of bacterial carriers for both aerobic and anaerobic conditions for waste water treatment & bioprocess applications. They could act as weight-reducing fillers for polymers.

Silica-Graphene Composite

These have remarkable specific area and excellent adsorption properties for applications in water and gas purification. For advanced materials applications this results in a low density material having excellent thermal and/or electrical conductivity due to the presence of graphene, without compromising mechanical properties of the compound.

Graphene Flakes

Ideal for adsorption applications, they can be functionalized with various polar or non-polar molecules. Nanoflakes of graphene are available in solution or in the form of powder. The size of these flakes ranges from 1-20 μm with a thickness of several nanometers (few layers of graphene). Graphene’s thermal and/or electrical properties can augment conductivity of compounds without compromising their mechanical properties.


Services for active agent encapsulation with extended release in cosmetics, textile, microelectronics, advanced materials, and biotech.

Download Technical Data Sheets:

MATSPHERE™ SERIES 100: Agriculture

MATSPHERE™ SERIES 200: Adsorption

MATSPHERE™ SERIES 250: Water Treatment

MATSPHERE™ SERIES 300: Additives Advanced Materials

MATSPHERE™ SERIES 424: Microcapsules

MATSPHERE™ SERIES 540: Bio-Applications

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