Our graphene nano-flakes and silica-graphene composite materials provide high thermal or electrical conductivity at reduced loading to maintain mechanical and optical properties. At 1% wt. loading in PP, our graphene additive has demonstrated an increase in thermal conductivity by 60%. Applications include –

  • Thermally conductive composites (e.g. thermal interface materials, susceptors for rapid thermal processing, etc.)
  • Energy storage
  • Materials for microelectronics, semiconductors
  • Materials for aerospace applications
  • Multi-purpose filler for 3D printing.

Materium offers very low-density material with multi-functionalization, which can be incorporated as well in polar polymers as in non-polar matrices. Our microspheres provide competitive advantages as –

  • Weight-reducing fillers for polymers
  • Mechanical fillers for polymers, providing high mechanical and abrasion resistance
  • Low CTE (coefficient of thermal expansion) fillers
  • Fillers for electrical and thermal insulation
  • Fillers for improved temperature resistance and fire retardancy
  • Anti-blocking, anti-fogging and anti-static additives for polymers
  • Nucleating agent for crystalline or semi-crystalline polymers).

Technical Data Sheet MAT300 Series for Additive Applications


Transparent Conductor Case Study

Thermal Conductivity Case Study




Materium’s porous microspheres improve the production rate and/or cost-effectiveness of upstream bio-industrial processes, as enhanced media support for microorganism growth (bacteria, yeast, mold, fungi or as immobilization support for enzymes.

Enzymes immobilized on our microspheres have achieved highly attractive improvements of 300% in enzyme production by fermentation, as well as 300% gain in enzyme output in catalytic reactor. The immobilised enzymes demonstrate high productivity and selectivity.

The morphology of filamentous microorganisms is better controlled with microspheres, resulting in higher fermentation batch stability (standard deviation divided by 3), increased biomass (3X more), and a gain in enzyme production by 250%.

Technical Data Sheet MAT540 Series for Bio-Applications


Our silica microspheres can be used for agriculture and soil remediation applications as media support for the preparation of beneficial microorganisms as in biofertilizers or bioinoculants. Our solutions offer:

  • Media support for effective microorganism growth (bacteria, yeast, mold, fungi)
  • Increased bio fertilizer resistance to leaching after heavy rain
  • Increased microflora biofilm activity

Technical Data Sheet MAT100 Series for Agriculture Applications


Silica microspheres can be used for the biological treatment of domestic, municipal, or industrial waste water. More specifically, our hollow silica microspheres offer a media support for microorganism growth which can be used as bacterial carriers in both aerobic and anaerobic conditions for waste water treatment.

The microspheres can be used for a range of applications such as sequential bioreactor, membrane bioreactor, moving bed bioreactor, anaerobic or aerobic digester and activated sludge system. Different contaminants can be degraded with microorganisms using our bacterial carriers (e.g. aromatics, hydrocarbons, halogenated organic compounds, ammonia, nitrates etc.).

Technical Data Sheet MAT250 Series for Water Treatment Applications

Filamentous Microorganism Case Study

Enzyme Immobilisation Case Study

Induced Sporulation Case


Soil Remediation

Case Study

Water Nitrification Case Study

Capture of Toxic Molecules Case Study

Biogas Production Case


Bacteria Immobilisation Case Study

Microorganism Incubation Time Case Study

Bio Inoculant Case Study



Their high specific area and custom functionalization make our silica microspheres excellent adsorbents for different chemical and biological pollutants present in water and air (filtration/purification). Both our microspheres and graphene nano-flakes can be functionalized with various polar or non-polar molecules.

Our solution has the ability to extract a range of pollutants from waste water to a very high degree, enabling our customers to economically achieve regulatory thresholds during final waste water polishing steps.


Materium has furthermore developed a stable antibacterial solution that is fast-acting and reusable and can destroy up to 100% of bacteria present.


Silica microspheres can be used for bioprocess applications in the form of adsorption additives for the concentration/ purification of biomolecules (proteins, hormones, enzymes, polysaccharides, lipids, pyrogen, and antibodies).

Technical Data Sheet MAT200 Series for Adsorption

Selenium Case Study

Phosphate Adsorption Case Study

Protein Concentration Case Study


Our technology allows the encapsulation of different active agents inside silica microcapsules for extended release in specific applications (cosmetics, perfumes, textiles, chemical industries, etc.).

Due to the softness and versatility of our process, various sensitive active agents including cosmetic oils, essential oils, lotions, catalysts, etc. and even proteins can be successfully handled while maintaining their integrity in a non-altering process. We can achieve high loading rates up to 90%.

We also offer encapsulation services for inorganic and metallic particles (e.g. silica encapsulation of magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles, silica encapsulation of silver nanoparticles, etc.).

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Technical Data Sheet MAT424 Series for Microencapsulation


Extended Fragrance Release Case Study

Microencapsulation Case Study

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