Adsorption – Protein


The Challenge

Industrial fermentation processes produce various molecules of interest like enzymes, anti-bodies and hormones from proteins that are expressed by microorganisms. Subsequent fermentation stages require the separation of these proteins from other by-products of the fermentation process. The challenge lies in isolating the protein of interest at the required purity level and as economically as possible.

The Solution

In microsphere trials, 50 mg MAT200 were added to a solution containing 50 mg Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA). Test results demonstrated a high protein adsorption potential, with the microspheres adsorbing 70% of their weight in protein. The adsorption potential is not limited to a specific protein type; in tests with various enzymes an excellent adsorption capacity was observed for different types of protein.

Protein adsorption capacity (mg/g).

Microspheres adsorb 70% of their weight in protein

High adsorption capacity of our microspheres MAT200 series

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