Bio Inoculant – Agriculture



The Challenge

In bio agriculture, consortium of beneficial microorganism can be added to seed, leaf or anywhere else in order to promote efficient germination, increase soil productivity and fight off harmful bacteria, parasites or insects.  Bio inoculant, or bio fertilizer are subject to leaching during heavy rain which diminish the beneficial effect of these product. The challenge is to keep these beneficial microorganism on leaf, roots or elsewhere.


The Solution

Materium MAT100 silica hollow microsphere were added to the production of a bio fertilizer in order to increase the beneficial microorganism consortium stability and growth. Our hollow silica microspheres would also be beneficial in order to keep the bio inoculant on the plant by helping to aggregate as larger particle less prone to rain wash out. Results showed that microsphere induced the formation of larges microorganism-microsphere biofilm structure which are advantageously more resistant to leaching than classical biofilm.

Increase the stability and growth of the consortium

Leaching reduction of the fertilizer

Incubation time reduction

Increase of the microbial activity

A) Bacteria’s growth after 5 days without our hollow silica microspheres.

B) Bacteria’s growth after 5 days with our hollow silica microspheres.