Biotech – Enzyme immobilization

The Challenge

Enzymes immobilisation in enzymatic reactor allow enzymes recycling which in turn greatly reduce the operation cost.  Hubert Cabana and his research group at Sherbrooke University is developing an enzymatic reactor that aims to decontaminate soil by using an oxidase enzyme. They are facing two main challenges regarding the adsorption medium.  First, it must adsorb the enzyme quickly and strongly without reducing the enzyme activity.  Finally, it must work well within the operating condition and allow enzymes recovery.

The Solution

Materium suggested the use of MAT540 hollow silica microsphere for Bio-Application. The enzyme adsorbed on the sphere was readily recovered and the enzymatic activity was excellent (95%). Other adsorption candidate retained poor enzymatic activity (60% at best) compared to MAT540.


Retention of the enzymatic activity


Process compatibility

Enzyme recovery

Very high enzymatic activity (95%)

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