Morphology Control for Filamentous Microorganisms


The Challenge

A customer designed a new fermentation system for the production of peroxigenase. The customer needed to ensure a high fermentation productivity in the new system using the mould Aspergillus Oryzae.


The Solution

Materium suggested the use of MAT540 silica hollow microspheres  as an immobilization support for Aspergillus Oryzae. Materium’s hollow mesoporous silica microspheres possess a high specific surface area and surface chemistry well suited for microorganism immobilization.

The customer tested the mobile support as a means to control filamentous microorganism morphology at 2g/L.

Batch to batch variation was minimized compared to the control and pellet size decreased, with an overall increase in the titer of 300%.


* faster germination of spores

* higher batch reproducibility

* higher levels of protein expression


Titer Increase

Similar results were obtained in a different case using Materium microspheres with Rhizopus Oryzae for the expression of amylase. Amylase production rose by more than 300% on average.