Fragrances - Extended Release


Fragrance – Extended Release




The Challenge

Maintaining the fragrance in body lotion, shampoo or shower gel for the entire day has been a long-standing challenge for the cosmetics and personal care industry. Similarly, the extended endurance of a fragrance has been the wish for many consumers.



The Solution

Having a perfume with a long lasting effect for at least 12 hours without altering the scent is now possible due to Materium’s silica hollow microspheres. Our MAT424 microspheres are used in this situation as a fragrance capsule for an extended scent effect in various products like body mist, lotion, serum, laundry softener or cologne spray. The encapsulation does not alter the visual aspect and, together with the effectiveness in releasing the fragrance over more than 16 hours, provides a great advantage in smoothing the scent over a longer duration without any significant intensity change.


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