Quick Colonisation of Plastic Media with Microspheres


The Challenge

Plastic media colonisation is usually a long process. It would be beneficial to reduce the colonisation time in order to decrease reactor start-up time.

The Solution

In an earlier test, Materium MAT250 silica hollow microspheres were used to replace a plastic carrier to evaluate if this could reduce incubation time. Introduction of silica microspheres allowed a speed-up in incubation time from 168h to 24h.

In this subsequent case, Materium grafted functionalized microsphere to plastic media to promote cell adhesion and colonisation of the media. Media coated with microspheres were compared to control media. Results showed that after 21 days of testing, bacterial count was already 2 log unit higher on the media coated with microspheres (MSC-5µm & MSC-20µm) than on the control media (PE), see figure A.

It was also observed that the extractable acid fraction was lower in the reactor that contained microspheres, see figure B.

Reduction of Incubation Time by 85% (24h vs. 168h)

Increased bacterial count (2 log units)

Lower extractable acid fraction

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