Thermal Conductivity




The Challenge

Polymer manufacturers need to improve the physico-chemical properties of their materials according to the needs of their customers. Among these properties, thermal conductivity is highly important in heat sink applications. Most thermally conductive additives currently used impose a trade-off on manufacturers that can negatively influence mechanical properties of the composite material when high concentrations of fillers need to be used to achieve the required thermal conductivity.


Our Solution

Conductivity test results for graphene-based composite materials have shown that our MAT300 additives can raise the thermal conductivity of the composite material by 60 to 160% for just 1% wt. loading of our graphene or graphene oxide in polypropylene. Manufacturers therefore have the option to achieve high conductivity of polymer materials without compromising mechanical performance.


Increase in thermal conductivity at 1% wt. loading


High thermal conductivity while maintaining mechanical integrity

MAT300 series offers improved conductivity options for compounds.


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