Water treatment – Nitrification



The Challenge

In waste water treatment, biological process efficiency depends on bacterial activity.  With increasing demands, nitrification reactors need to increase their productivity. The challenge is to find a bacteria carrier that can promote bacterial growth and activity while protecting the biofilm against the harsh environment. The bacteria carrier must also be compatible with the operating parameters of the reactor such as agitation, aeration and flow rate.


The Solution

MAT250 silica hollow microspheres were used as a bacterial carrier and resulted in increased ammonia consumption.  Addition of silica microspheres allowed an increase of ammonia consumption by 60 % after 94 days. Microscopic observations demonstrate that microsphere addition promotes biofilm formation. By increasing the productivity of existing nitrification reactors it is possible to extend their use with increasing demand.



Increased of ammonia consumption after 94 days

Increase of ammonia consumption by 60 % after 94 days

Increased ammonia consumption

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